A nightclub hook up

As a Hotwife, I never use panties. When I use skirt and dress I have to be a bit more careful, for example when its windy. But I must admit it, I sometimes put myself in a position where the wind can blow the skirt a bit more. I can also put myself in a position so it is a possibility to see under my skirt. 

I remember one time, me and my girlfriend Sara was going to a nightclub. I wore my black wet look dress. This is a bit see through on the boobs, but I painted two X over my nipples with liquid latex. It was a funny night. Wanna hear about it?

© Hotwifeno@gmail.com
© Hotwifeno@gmail.com

I grabbed my high heels shoes, and told cuckold to come over to me. He sat down by my feet,  kissed my toes and massaging my legs. I split my legs and let cuckold see I had nothing underneath my skirt.
Cuckold took the shoes on me, black shiny nine inches shoes. Just as we sat like this, Sara opened the front door and said she was ready to go. 

We where standing in the bar, waiting for a waiter. A guy laid his hand on my back, and I turned around “Can I get you girls a drink?” 
I let my eyes walk over him and I told him yes. He got me a strawberry daiquir, and He invited us over to his table. 

We followed him to the table and there was 3 other guys there. 
We said hello, and I sat down on the guys lap. After some minutes we figured out that these guys were interesting.
I knew my dress was pretty short and I noticed some of the guys around the table noticed that I did not wear panties. They was staring, I just open my legs a bit more;)
Sara noticed the guys were looking, and she said to me: "No panties today either, you slut."
The night went on, dancing, drinking and flirting. 
I turned around, and whispered in my guys ear: “Wanna have sex with me?” He said yes, took my hand, and we started to walk.
Sara shakes her head, and smiled.
“Where to” he asked. I smiled and stopped a cab.

© Hotwifeno@gmail.com
© Hotwifeno@gmail.com

I opened the door, and went inside. “Where are we” my guy asked. “At my place” I said. I called out for my cuckold and I saw my guy froze. My cuckold was entering the hall, and I told him to go out and pay the taxi. He said hi to my guy and went outside.

Cuckold had been sleeping, but he was not tiered anymore. I started to touch and undress my guy, and I saw he got turned on by the setting. 
I took his dick in my hand, and I saw it become bigger. “Hey darling , this one has bigger dick than you have. I guess he can fuck me like I deserve, do you not agree?”
Cuckold showed us his caged sissy clit and my guy let out a small laughter. “Tell him how you like to fuck me” I said. 
The guy grabbed me, told my cuckold he was gonna fuck me like the slut I am. 

The guy took and lay me on the bed. His cock was hard and big, so I got my cuckold to put on a condom. I felt the cock enter my pussy, I moaned and lifted my butt towards him. He moved in and out at the same time as his fingers played with me. It was so good, only thing missing was the rope. "hold me hard" I told him. He took a hard grip around my hands and hold me down.

© Hotwifeno@gmail.com
© Hotwifeno@gmail.com

As the white warm cum entered the condom, I felt my orgasm running through my body. I let out a scream and a throw my head back. My body was shaking and mu breath was short.
My cuckold had been standing beside us, but now he came towards me. He took the rubber off the guy, and gave me a glass of water. 

A bit later the guy left, only me and cuckold was left in the bed. I lay on my stomach and cuckold was massaging my back. “It is ok now darling. Come lay beside me” I told cuckold. 
He lay down beside me and we held around each other. I felt my satisfied pussy was all warm, and my newly massaged body was tiered. I felt my cuckolds calm breath, he had fallen asleep with his arms around me. I’m so safe here, in his arms I am home. 

As I remembered this night, I curled up I’m my cuckolds arms. I smiled and kissed him on the cheek. 
We are a lucky couple who has each other. 




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