A day with just me, and my cuckold

I looked out this morning. Snow and cold... Had to do something, so I found my vibrator egg. Went to the bathroom, and took a warm shower while my egg was inside my pussy. It was on, and I felt the vibrating feeling while the hot water run down my body. 
My body was all creamy with soap. I put my head back, let my fingers walk slowly over my pussy. I took the shower head down, and placed it in my right hand. Turned on the massage part, and  the water hit my clit. The shower and massage water beam worked well together with my egg.  I spread my legs and closed my eyes. 

What an amazing thing a massage head for showers is, it really worked my pleasure up. 
I felt my body responded, so I stopped my hand from moving. Let the egg and shower do the rest. My leg was shaking and I created moans of pleasure. 

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

After the shower I got dressed. I told Cuckold we needed a trip to the store, to get food for the night. He started the car, and we went to the city.
I gave him a control, and he looked at me. I told him I want some pleasure while we were shopping. He had the biggest smile ever, and I saw he loved the assignment. 

I was standing by a shelf, looking at some fruit. What taste do I like for my cuckolds cum...?
Just as I picked up the pineapple, my egg started to vibrate. I took a deep breath, and my hand grabbed the edge of the counter. My eyes searched for my cuckold. I could not stop this feeling, I closed my eyes and bit my lip. The egg stopped suddenly, and I open my eyes. I just had to smile, love this kind of fun. I picked up the pineapple, put it in the basket and walk away from the fruit. As I was walking across the floor, the egg started again. I jumped a bit and my hand closed around the rod on the cart. My breath went fast and I stopped up. I closed my eyes and I opened my mouth. The warm feeling went through me and I could not stop the moan on it’s way out. Then the egg stopped again. I did not want it to stop, so I put my hole hand I front of my crotch. It was still, no movement to notice. I straighten my back, and started walking again. 

© Hotwifeno.com
© Hotwifeno.com

I leaned over to get a chocolate, and the egg was once again starting to vibrate. I let out a deep breath, and I tightened my body. Holding on tho the shelf , as my body started to shake. I bite my lips to keep my voice down. My pussy was vibrating and my the juice made my thighs all wet.
I tried to put my head down as my orgasm was coming. But as the slut I am, I throw my head back and let out a moan. My fingers where all white after holding the shelf so hard. As my orgasm cooled down, I took a quick look around me and I saw my cuckold was looking. I smiled and walked towards him. “Thank you for letting me have this pleasure” he said to me. I kissed his lips, took his hand and we went to pay for the goods.

This is not the last time I will use the egg at a public place. Just need some more different eggs to try out, and see who I can recommend. 

Not a day without fun



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