Walk of shame, Hotwife style

How many of you have had a walk of shame?
Well I do.. Many of them too. The difference between me and many other is that I love that feeling. The forbidden and dirty feeling.

For "normal" people, walk of shame is the walk from another persons house/apartment/hotel , and home to yourself. Wearing the same cloths as the day before, hair sticking in all directions, lines and make up all over your face...  (And maybe some cum different places as me..) This is special after sexual escapade.
Let us for some moment imagine what the taxi drivers know... What they see..So many different infidelity, walk of shame he/she will se in the line of duty. Then I once again must say lucky me.. Im allowed to do a real "walk of shame" and it is even hardly longed for. That makes me remember a story a few years back....Wanna hear? keep on reading.

© Hotwifeno@gmail.com
© Hotwifeno@gmail.com

My cuckold, had done some fine pre work for me. Four nice ,fit boys where waiting for me in a penthouse suit. They where all over 21 cm and 2 was BBC and 2 was BWC. They where all into anal and bindings. This was a night to remember ( and the story of this night will come later on)...

I stretch my body after yet a last round with sex, feeling the skin hardened after all cum on me. Some fresh and some old. I smiled to the 4 boys sitting beside me. All sweaty and pleased.
I took my dress from the floor. It also had some cum on it. Well boys i said, my cuckold really has his hand filled today, and they all agreed with me.
I went over to them ,kiss one by one. One kiss on the cock and one kiss at the mouth. Then I left the hotel, texting my cuckold: " I got fresh breakfast for you, I need some breakfast when I get home to, I am starving."

I went down to the reception. The woman behind the counter, was staring. You could see she was thinking and she become a bit nosy.. then she took the courage and asked me if I had a nice stay and hoped my night had been good.
Well an honest and strait question deserve an honest answer. "Yes indeed" I answered. And ofc I had to put on a sentence..." well to tell you this.. I am a bit stiff. The sex last night was so fantastic, and my four boys could not get enough, so I let them have what the wanted. And I cant complain, for it was just perfect. But now I have to get home to my husband to clean up, so I need a taxi. Can you call one for me?"
OMG... if I could have a picture of here face, all of you would really know why I love to spell things strait out...
I turned around and guess what..A couple was standing behind me. They stared... I smiled back to them and walked to the main door. Ahhh I just love the feeling of the walk of shame. Can say most of the people I passed on my way out, noticed me. And I cant blame them. I always let all cum be on me. Visible,  smelling and as fresh as I can get it. I felt some of the cum running down my leg while i was standing by the door, waiting for my taxi. A young boy, about 20 years old I guessed, came over to me. He gave me a napkin. "Sorry" he said. " I see you have something on you thigh" I responded "Let it be, Its a gift for my husband". I can swear his eye would have popped out if they could. But I did thank him on a nice and polite way before I went out to my taxi who was driving up in the same second.

© Hotwifeno@gmail.com
© hotwifeno@gmail.com

I told the taxi driver my address. Oh man he was looking. The taxi driver was cute... So it went a little devil in me. I pushed my legs apart and let him have a better look. The taxi took a quick and hard turn before it "felt" back in place on the road.

well at home I phoned my cuckold to get out. My cuckold came ofc. Paid the taxi driver and gave me a kiss on the lips. We smiled at each other and walked in, hand in hand.

We came into the hallway, and Sissy did his job, and got his breakfast served. Then it was my time for breakfast. It stood warm and ready on the table, just as I wanted my sissy to make for me. Just love him for take care off me this way.

Can anyone blame me if i love the walk of shame? I get it all. Sex, attention, peoples reaction, a loving man and last but not least a nice start of the day. So why not embrace this walk instead of being ashamed. Only thing you have done is to have a good time. You only live once right?



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