Tips and tricks from the Hotwife profession

To be a hotwife there is some things that must be in order. 3 things I find important: 
 ass/pussy training, Safety, and body/face


To train ass muscles: ( No i do not mean butt muscles , I mean the Ring the dick shall pass to get to anal heaven ) When you are having so much sex. Big cocks, many cocks, lot of toys in both pussy and ass. You have to keep them trained.. Use muscles training exercises for pussy and ass.

An important (and fantastic) thing that will help you exercise you ass is Butt plug. This is a jewelery, training apparatus and a stimulator for you anal. This will not only train your muscles, but it will also make your but used to be used. Find the starter size and weight, and pick out the look you like the best.


Important...ALWAYS use lube.  I can recommend the lube for "Male anal relax" this lube will help you anal muscles to relax. For anal use oil based lube is best after my opinion. (and please use anal syringes to insert the lube inside you)

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Then train to be relaxed. Breath out. Use breathing technique for better control over anal muscles. Take it slow. (Important) Start with small sizes. Find a good position to stand in. Good communication is a key word. Tell each other how it feels, if it is dry, fast slow etc. And the one inserting his dick or the one inserting the sex toy... Tell how far in you are , if the other person seems tens etc.

Here is 3 good exercises for your pussy:

- Kegels , tighten your vaginal muscles as if you're trying to stop yourself from peeing for 10 seconds, release them, and repeat until you've done 10.

-Vaginal weights. They go half inside your vagina and half outside, and then your muscles involuntarily contract."This is called a passive contraction" 

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- Squats, Strong core muscles also make for strong pelvic floor muscles
and least but not last, use lube , water based.

Use water based lube in you pussy, an oil based can trigger thrush. Do not use water inside the pussy, use soap that are made for abdomens. 


That is so important! Do not save money on rubber. Get quality for bulls and cheeper for toys. Use rubbers until you trust the bull (s). It is ofc best with no rubber. To feel and get the taste of real cum. But until trust is place.... Keep it on. Even when it`s "only" a blow job.

Test your self regularly, we do it every 2 moths, make sure you are safe too. 

Safe words:(makes the meetings more safe and easier to relax for all members)  Mine are : 

Red/circus: for total stop at once. It`s for all people in the game, not only the one being fucked. If you use the word stop... the bull/hotwife/cuckold and other involved can mistake it for a lesser important meaning. When we are in the heat we can all say stop, even if we don`t mean stop, but its a word that slips out when the feelings take prevail.

Yellow : Slow down. The person saying that can be: Unsure, things goes a bit fast, something feels a bit wrong, a rope etc is a bit to hurting. Or anything in that street. So slow down, communicate , but you don`t have to stop.

If I am gonna gonna play alone, I make sure Cuckold know where I am, or who I am gonna meet.  I have him on speaker , sometimes at the start, sometimes the whole meeting. 

In my first meeting, I will not use gags or bindings. This will come with trust.


First of all, keep your body in the size and shape you like. If you like a bit tan, get some sun, but then do remember the sunscreen. Peel you skin1-2 times a week. Use body lotion regularly. But the most important, keep yourself clean. All your body and mouth. Its important to keep your nails clean too. Remember how many bacteria there can be under and round nails. 


Some people like no hair on their body.You can use wax, razor, laser or hair removal cream. My self I have done some laser, this prevent hair growth and red blemish when you remove it another way. Wax is my favorit way to remove hair, baby skin and long lasting.

You can use different creams before treatment, easy shave gel is a good thing to have.
Buy her )  fter treatment for red spots ( buy her ) Ingrown hair ( buy her ) and almost every other bieffects. Locate the problem, and find a crem.

Some people use fake nails, hair, eye lashes,(both extension and the one to glue on). All is nice if that is for you. But one thing have I learned, fake hair (extension) under sex meeting is just in the way.. be natural with the hair you have.

Anal rinsing, is also an important part for both of us. We use anal shower, linking the one we like ( anal shower ). Do use lube when you take it in. Use very low press in the water, and just about skin temperature.

I learned it could be smart and wait about 1 hour, after first rinsing (1 rinsing can be between 3 to 20 rounds) before you rinse again. That is usually enough, but sometime you need to do it three times. It will always be smart to wait 10 min after last rinse before you start playing. do it slowly, and do not press the water out after filling it up. Let it just go. 

Blå Analdusj 23cm SportFucker

I like my cuckold clean for hair, even in his ass. He has to go through waxing, and hair removal cream regularly.

Hope this can help some of you on the way.
Do come with tips and feedbacks if you like.



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