My life as a Hotwife

So many people live in a normal relationship, the A4 kind of way... I will never again live in a relationship that “normal” people called A4.. what is normal btw? In my eyes i’m normal. I’m a Hotwife. What’s a Hotwife some may ask, others already know and a few of us allready are. Follow my blog and take a part of my life together with my dearest husband, My Cuckold, my lovers (bulls) and my fun days as my mans Mistress.


Today I woke up with horny with my pussy already wet. I look beside me at my cuckold. He was sleeping after a hard night pleasuring me. I looked down his body, and my eyes stoped at he’s chastity belt. And yes dear readers, he is all locked up, and I’m the only one with the key. He’s small useless dick is in a metal cage, like a small bird who can’t fly. I love the sight of my cuckold that way. He can beg, he can ask, he can even bargain to get out ,but I’m the only one who can give him permission to get free. I’m he’s mistress. And I very rarely let him out. Well back to my Morning again, I let my finger walk down the lock. My cuckold let out a sound and I saw him slowly woke up.
My cuckold loves to make me scream for pleasure, and I let him do it. Lucky me you say? You haven’t heard anything yet.


We have been together for 4 years now, living in a house in Oslo, Norway. We have the lifestyle as Hotwife/Cuckold. It is the best relationship you ever can imagine. We have the most wonderful trust to etch other, we tell each other everything. My Cuckold is my rock, as I’m he’s goddess, in other words, he’s mistress. 
My cuckold is locked up in a chastity belt, and after a few months locked in, I must say it’s not much size left in he’s dick. But that doesn’t bother me at all, I get all the big dicks I desire. White, black, brown, thick, thin, strait or bent.. it’s all my choice, with help from my cuckold ofc. He help me find them. he sits online, type messages, find pictures and so on.

I desire ,or crave to look good as soon as i stay up in the morning. My cuckold should be proud of me. I make dinner in my lingerie or put on the small black dress we all women want to wear when i go to the grocery store, and i never has on any panty....
I love sexy outfits and high heels is a must. 10 centimeters at least. Nails, hair, cloths and shoe is important things in my life, as well as sex and bulls. What’s a bull? Well.. let me tell you this, a bull, or my bulls ,(I say bulls not bull, for I have several of them😈) is my lover, my sex-toy. He needs to be tall, handsome, have a fit body and of course a big dick, at least 20 centimeters long or more. I know many will think it’s wrong to just pick a guy for he’s body and dick size... it’s not normal... but why not I ask them... I have my rock at home, the bulls know it too, they know why I fuck them, I let them use me, like a slut. I use them too, for sex and pleasure. I can live the life of a slut that can do almost everything she wants in sex, with anyone she wants, at the same time I can live the life of a beloved wife at home, and both side is ok.

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Hey sissy, I say to my cuckold, back in bed. He smiles. God morning mistress, he responds. Can I pleasure you with som orgasm he ask me. I just open my legs and let him put he’s warm mouth over my mouse. I put my hand on the night table and find a vibrator wand, pick it up and gave it to him. 

Well this is a start of sharing my amazing life with all the fun that follows. 

Stay tuned and let’s have fun together.



  1. Love Your blog. Will follow you daily.

  2. Interesting and fun to get a glimps into the life of a hotwife. Thanks for sharing!


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