Humiliation of my cuckold

Humiliation make me crazy

Humiliation is a very important component in our life. Cuckold get humiliated everyday in different ways, but all kind of humiliation are done with respect. The one who is getting humiliated always has the last word, even do it don’t seem that way. 

Here is my cuckold dressed in latex maid costume. Ready to serve me and my bulls 
I wonder... how many of you have ever wanted to humiliate your partner? Some may say yes others no... well you who say or think no... what about a warm shower, a man standing in sexy lingerie , scrubbing your back, massaging your feet, with candle light and music...maybe you ask , or not ask, you just tell him you want him to make your body clean with his tongue... it’s so many ways to go... Some small like the one above to the more extreme  like having sex with a really big bbc , or let us say 5 really big bbc...and let the partner be in the same room.. let him walk around, or craw at the floor, picking up condoms, lube, drinks, pillows and so on for us. I let him clean me up when my body is covered in cum , let him suck my bulls dick when I need a freshen up time.  Maybe he even get shown out from the room, and just have to listen to us from afar. Everything is possible, and the game is fun, it’s amusing, and really make us as a strong couple.
My cuckold gets a lot of respect from me. He get a lot of love, and I always come back to him. I can have all the perfect handsome men , big dicks, playful and so on , but I always want to come home to my cuckold, and I always do. He is my rock, my home.

Let me put up a small humiliation list, but remember it’s just a tast of if, there is a lot more out there :)

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  • Let him worship my feet. Kiss them, massage them
  • Ass worship ,make him kiss my ass, like one kiss each cheek , wiggle them, slapping them. I make him grab my ass or even make my ass come to he’s face, bury he’s nose in it.
  • Show of, make him get naked, make him strip
  • Make sure he knows he has a smal ridiculously dick, maybe measure he’s dick against baby carrots, and let him know that no woman want dicks as small as his
  • Make him dress like a woman. Remove he’s manhood. Dress him in stockings, pantyhose, dress, make up+++. And be sure to tell him what a pretty girl he is
  • Anal training, (and one of my favorite ) use dildos, butt plug , strap on .... even a cucumber if you don’t have a dildo present 
  • Forbid him to speak , he can’t speak unless he’s spoken to, he need to use body language to let me know what he want 

And the 2 next point is my absolute favorite 
  • orgasm denial , just have to love it, make him wank and edge over and over again, but dont let him cum. Make him stop just as he reached the Edge ,watch him crumble, beg to be allowed to orgasm. Keep him like this as long as you want 😍
  • Chastity , become the keyholder, make him beg to get out of the chastity belt. It’s my choice now, to decide when he can come out and play.

And this is just the start of it.



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