Hotwife with here own registered slave

Every women need here personal slave. I´m lucky, i already have one. He is a certificated slave, and this was his gift to me, and it is one of the biggest gift he could ever give to me.
My slave is registered at


This is a website you can register yourself or anyone else you will have as a slave. You get a slave number, a certification, a own slave site with your slave info.

At this time i do train him in slave position. Thats so fun! A taste of the whip when he don`t get it right and a kiss on the cage when he do it right, maybe he deserve a better threat too sometime. .. More pic will follow as we go along he`s training

pic found on the internett
I have already set up an appointment at a tattoo salong for him to get the slave number/barcode tattooed on his butt, I`m so look forward to it. I will put on him slave collar this day, walk him through the streets and into the tattoo chair. It is he`s first slave tattoo and he is getting no paint cream, thats for sure..I have heard some place that love hurts, so it must be true... well i like to think so.
When we enter the tattoo room he needs to dress off so the new waxed ass gets out in the light, and guess what... you guessed it right? he has ofc the chastity belt on... can´t wait for that photo to be taken :)
follow the blog and you will see it too.

When one choose slavery in a relationship. its to spice things up. I have always thought we could have better sex, better orgasm or in fact a better relationship... I think all people can... You just have to admit it first... If you say to yourself: I can never get better sex or relationship than I have today... Do you total agree with yourself? Even tho you love your partner?
To have a slave , means different things to different people. Some things seems really hot and other things feels like crossing the lines...So first of all talk all suggestions through together, to find out if slavery is a thing for you. The key to everything is full openness.

I have so many stories to tell you about this kinky twist in a relationships.
Follow tomorrow and you will get one :)



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