Edging and orgasm denial

My cuckold goes in chastity..and i love it. His my locked in slave, but he deserve to get out sometimes.. When he has behaved good.Today is one of those days..

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I called him into the bedroom, from the kitchen. Where he was making me dinner ,standing just in chastity belt and a braw. Let dinner stay I told him. I stood up from bed ,where i was lying tuching my self. Told him it was inspection round, he immediately put him self in inspection position. I took the blindfold i had behind me, and took it over his eyes. Went over to the wall where some ropes and handcuffs was ready for use. I tied him up and took the key and locked him out of the chastity belt.
I heard he grumbled and i noticed he was getting turned on.
I took a nice stroke over his butt, with the whip... no sound Sissy i said... No Mistress he responded fast and looked down on the floor. After 3 months in chastity belt, he was small. His dick was not responsive at all... just as I expected.
I give you 3 minutes to get it working or else you get locked back in i said.
I went out from the room, left him all alone, only his own brain to make him stiff. His hand was locked to the wall...

3 minutes later i entered the room, his dick was alive, still small but hard. He was so horny... The Pre-cum was leaking out...

I sat down in front of him, starting to play with my tongue. He grumbled again, and I bit him hard in his balls. He looked down in the floor immediately.
I went back to my task, licking, sucking, playing ...Got him way to the edge.. you have to ask i said, and only seconds after i said it, he asked if he could have a orgasm. No i responded. He begged and started to twist and turned every way he could move. I saw the contractions in his nipples and the sweat started to come. I went back to edging him. and ofc yet another no...and a no... and still a no... I just love this game.
I took he hard little penis in my mouth and i got a taste of his pre-cum. I worked his dick too he once again begged for orgasm.. What did i answer...? No ofc..

After 11 trips to the edge, I took him down from the wall, put him on the floor. Put my wet pussy, on his face.  Burying his tongue inside me. Make me come I said, and he did. After a few orgasm I went back down on him, and it took under a minute before he once again begged for orgasm...
I took a ice cold cloth and put it on his dick... and let me tell you... it disappeared fast... Yet again it was small and useless, I put the chastity belt back on and told him to get me some dinner, and for desert a new orgasm...

Well he got at least out of the chastity belt. For a while..lucky him :)



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