Cuckold get`s lunsj, with freshly made cum dressing

Today I woke up early. Dressed all up. Ofc in high heels and mini skirt, and no pantys.. (never use them)
It`s cold outside , snow and ice.. but can't let those hight heels just stay at home can I? :)

Link to buy
I took my coat on and went to the buss stoppe. I'm going shopping for my cuckold... he need some more lube....
The best lube I ever got, I bought from a online store. For all of you that are looking for the perfect lube for anal play, I recommend anal relax. It will actually help you butt hole to relax. You will feel a warm tingling at start, then the muscles will start to relax. And then just have fun and enjoy the playtime, and remember to take it slow at the start.

So the bus came .. Today it was so crowded, almost all seats was taken. My eyes felt on a man, a bull ,almost at the back. He looked up, I saw he`s eyes meet mine and the flame was lit inside me. He did not let go of my eyes while I was walking toward him. I stoped at he`s seat "taken" I asked. He smiled a crookedly smile and I sat down. He put hes hand on my thigh the same moment my butt hit the seat. I spred my legs a bit, and I felt the cold air  hit my pussy. I open my mouth and let out a sigh. He looked me deeper in the eyes and hes hand went further ups my thigh. I saw a man sitting beside us on the buss notice what was going on and I just let him look..
I took the hand that was on my thigh and led it up into my skirt. I felt hes cold fingers meet my pussy. He started play with my lips and I felt my pussy juice run down hes fingers. I gave him a sign to meet me at the toilet in the buss, not the best places to have a playdate, but what should a hotwife do when she get so horny..
Well down at the toilet i let the Bull in. He was tall, and I saw the tattooed torso as he took hes shirt off. I let my fingers walk through hes pattered chest and down to hes pants, and i unbuttoned it. I took hes dick in my hand, it was huge. I love huge dicks and I felt my horny body was set on fire... He grabbed my hair, pullet my head back. He was now standing behind me. I felt the warm dick between my legs, and he pressed himself into my pussy, and he fucked me hard. I felt my orgasm coming, and as the shiver run through my body I felt the bull coming. Hes cum filed me up and I smiled. I pressed my pussy muscles together to save the cum for later use.


Well out of the buss, I decided  to stop by 7eleven and got a baguette and a  trip to the toilet. I took the cum I saved from the bull on the buss, (you can actually save the sperm inside you for quite some time if you train your pussy muscles regularly )i put the cum , inside the baguette. Cum dressing, my favorite dressing to serve my cuckold. I rapped it into a bag and went back out in the streets. Eventually I stoped in front of a building. I went inside, asked for my cuckold. Can you guess what I was about to do ?
As I saw my cuckold walked towards me, I smiled, placed a kiss on hes mouth. "I got some lunsj for you hunny" I said and took the baguette out of the bag. He looked at me, and then at the bag. The baguette was  lying der with a cum dressing all over it. I saw he understood what it was. "enjoy" I said, and turned around and walked away.

I know what the people there was thing, lucky man, get served lunsj first handed at work... wondering what they said if they knew the main ingredient...cum dressing


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