Cant wait for tonight , have big plans

I am laying here in our bed, and just sent cuckold out shopping for my big plans tonight. So horny I can hardly wait for the night to come.

The cuckold shopping list: 
XXL rubber
Slut dress
A new monster butt plug

My pussy is already wet, from the 3 orgasm I got from my cuckold. His job every morning is to give me 3 orgasm whit is tongue or finger, the perfect alarm clock. I let my fingers touch the inside of my thigh, moving slowly towards my pussy. I bend my head backwards while I moan. I am a woman with much sound and I do not keep it inside. I feel an electric feeling in my body. My fingers rotated on my pussy lips, small circle movements. 
Tips: As for all you men out there...Circle movement with your tongue while you are down at at woman... thats a extra go for the practice..its not that easy as it sounds.


My fingers move faster and I take my other hand toward my pussy hole. The fingers open it and presses it self in. I am all wet and ready. I am so ready for tonight, to feel my body get used as the slut I am. I shiver and let out a new moan. Press my finger in my hole while I play fast with my warm clit. My fantasy is starting to play with my mind and I see a rush with things in my dirty kinky head. 
( I got so many kinky dirty fantasies in my mind, I will tell you all about them later)

I feel the contraction, my orgasm runs through my body. A warm quivering feeling starts in my pussy, and ends up in all of my body. 
My nipples is hard and contracted. 

I let my hand lay beside me, while my body calm downs. Well it is time to get out of bed, and get myself to the beauticians. Need to get ready for my bulls, love to look my best for them.
I made some plans with two of my regular BBC bulls, and I am gonna be so busy being a real cum eating slut. My cuckold is going to wear his latex maid costume, serving us and pleasuring our needs.

So do come back tomorrow and I tell you all about it..Is gonna be hot. 



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