My cuckolds key is in the mail

When I woke up today, I felt a little devilish. I roll over in the bed, and lay on my stomach. The snow was laying on the window sill, and the sun was about to rise. I took a snap pic of my pussy, sent it to my cuckold, I got a pic with his chastity back. I smiled, I know what to do.
I went into the kitchen, open the drawer and took out an envelope. I wrote a name on it. Made another note and put it inside. " Keep this key safe for me will you? I will let you know when I need it back"
I took my key from my ankle chain and insert it into the the envelope. 


Took my phone and open snap Chat chat. Yes we have our own sex snap and  sex phone. Here we got people that we are interesting in meeting/ share things with. To have a sex snap, makes it easy to keep the different life separate if you like too.  We have : Snap chat, Instagram,,, and Now we started a new profile at, so video is the next step.

I open snap chat, took a picture of the envelope with the key. Wrote a text: " Hi darling. Your key is in the post. I sent it to some friends of ours, it is your job to find out who. You will get one hint for every tenth orgasm you give me. Other ways to find out is to make some phone calls. The challenge with this is: You need to ask the friend if they got a key from me, and you have to tell them what the key is for."
I pressed send on my phone.

Back to the envelope. I glued it together then took a splash of perfume, and made a kissing mouth on it. Put it in my handbag. 
Then I took on me my lacquer pants and a white top. High heels of course, and then I took my car keys. 
As I was on my way out in the car I got a snap back from my cuckold.
"Yes Mistress, I will do my best" 

The envelope was sent, and I was back home. As I open up the front door, my cuckold sat on his knees looking down at the floor. Ready for pleasing me, and get his highly needed hints to where his key is. I went over to him, stroked his hair. Took the wine glass he was holding over his head. Put it to my lips and tasted. 
He was sitting with no other cloths but his chastity cage and a tie. I took his tie between my fingers, smiled and started to walk towards the bedroom. I know my cuckold well, and I am sure he has a play table is standing ready in there also. 


I know I am gonna love the next few hours. They will be filled by many different types of orgasms. All types beside orgasm from my cuckolds cock. Just as I LOVE it.

I will let you get updates on how my cuckolds hunt for his key is going. Stay tuned.



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