Cuckolding , a way of life, a way of sex and a way of absolutely trust

Looking in todays newspaper, Dagbladet.. They have this article about Cuckolding, I just had to read it... Recommend you all to read it if you are interested in what Cuckold really is.

Pic taken from newspaper Dagbladet 14.01.2019
It is so true what the article say.. A Hotwife and here cuckold is each others best friends. We tell each other everything. We can tell everything we desire and dream about to each other, with no strings attached. 

My first meeting with the lifestyle was eye opening, it was love at first try. I heard/read about it and was so fascinated. And like Dagbladet say : Honesty, are an absolutely crucial component for letting people explore this kind of lifestyle, without making a serious mistake.

This kind of lifestyle takes time, and a couple need to go the path together. The trust and proximity is crucial.

Before i got to know this life, I had heard about some of it. I thought Swingers, Hotwifes, cuckolds and so on, did not have the best relationship, and needed to seek elsewhere for satisfaction. But I was SO wrong, it is the opposite. Have never before had 50 orgasm in 24 hours, only my cuckold have done that;) 

As the newspaper yet again wrote: The humiliation is a private mental game between the two...that the cuckold don`t get access to his Hotwife, it makes him more eager , or it wakes up a instinct inside him, that many will call jealousy. But for the cuckold it`s a feeling that he can take control over, and a challenge that turnes him on. It is a risky position. its a Kick. "And I always get here back in the end"

Cuckolding is a way of lifestyle that appeals to many people. Not so many that dare to admit it turnes them on, or this is something the want to try. Cuckold is a perfect way to live out your sexual fantasy, but it is not for all. If you are unsure or even a bit jealousy, this may not be a good idea for you. 

Ready for bulls
For me this is the perfect life. I love to be a Hotwife and Mistress,
I have so many kinky fantasies and so different sight on life than I had before. I will use this blog to tell my experience , fantasies, life, thoughts , and tips and tricks I have learned on my way to become the Hotwife I am today. 

For all you that read my blog, please post a comment or send me a mail if there is something you like tips for ( anal training, sissy training, gangbang notes, cloths stores etc) or if there is a theme you like me to write about, like sex stories, fantasies, humiliation, punishment etc). If you have something you like me to try on my cuckodl/sissy or my self feel free to send a mail;)



  1. What a great synopsis of the article , my wife is a budding Hotwife and this site has given her some great ideas!!!

  2. Glad to hear and that is a big point for us:)
    We will be back with more relevant tips and tricks , stories and ideas, so stay tuned and feel free to ask us anything.
    You can also use the contact form for question, ideas, feedbacks or other things.


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